air purifier for ceiling MAC500c​

Good indoor climate in new constructions

Fresh air right from the beginning

Easy installation by plug and play

Up to 99,9% reduction of virus

Ensures healthy indoor climate

Can be used safely 24/7

Removes odor

Tested and documented

JIMCO has developed an air purifier for ceiling mounting in new constructions. As soon as the construction is finished, a good indoor climate is secured for everyone.

The air purifier MAC500c cleans the air from bacteria, virus, and odor with up to 99,9% within 3 hours (depending on room size). Residents and guests in the construction can feel comfortable and have a great indoor climate experience.

A good indoor climate is important for everyone health and well-being. 

MAC500c will make an efficient difference for everybody.

The MAC500c has the same effect and function as the small air purifier MAC500s. Inside the MAC500c you will find a special UV-C lamp that does 

all the purification for you. The MAC500c has no filter, and you only have to change the lamp once a year (depends on running hours a day).​

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​technical data

UV Lamp​

1x8 W​


230 V / 115 V

Power consumption​

25 W

Room area

60 m3

Operating lamp

8000 hours


578 mm / inches


86 mm / inches


204 mm / inches


3,2 kg / lbs.


​How can we help you?​

Please feel free to contact us, and one of our managers

will contact you. If you are looking for product or a new UV-C lamp for your MAC500s or the OZ Series please find a partner near you.

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