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ozone & UV-C surface disinfection

Flo-D Mini Mark 2​

What can the disinfection machine, FLO-D Mini Mark 2 do for you

The environmentally friendly disinfection machine FLO-D Mini Mark 2 has the unique UV-C & Ozone technology which impacts the performance significantly.

Disinfect with more than 99,99% with FLO-D Mini Mark 2 without filters, chemicals, or water.

The machine is easy to move around and can be used in multiple locations. You will also be able to data log your ozone & UV-C surface disinfection, so you have documentation for your treatment.  

Save money with the UV-C & Ozone surface disinfection treatment

For the food industry, disinfection has always played an important role. For example, ethylene, mold and yeast shorten the time in which the food stays fresh. In the fruit industry, among other places, mold and yeast growth is a tough opponent affecting product lifespan. To keep the food fresh, you can use the FLO-D Mini Mark 2 to reduce the bacteria, mold and yeast in the cold storage, or in any room, with up to 99,99%. The reduction will optimize the lifespan of e.g. fruits and it will help revolutionize the way fruit is stored and transported. 

The best air purification quality​

We always test our products, so you get the best quality product, but we also test for the reduction of bacteria to see the huge impact the FLO-D Mini Mark 2 does with UV-C and ozone surface disinfection


Staphylococcus aureus

99,973 %​

​Candida albicans (yeasticidal)


​Enterococcus hirae​


Escherichia coli

99,880 %​

​​Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Modified vaccinia virus Ankara (MVA)


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Advantages for the FLO-D Mini Mark 2 for UV-C surface disinfection

PLC controlled units with datalogging, do not require additional manpower

Access point for wireless connection by smartphone or tablet

Loud alarm before treatment start – in 8 different languages

New weekly treatment program mode

Moisture and temperature meter 

Save liters of water by the tons as well as energy for heating and drying

Disinfect more efficiently in corners, chinks and ventilation ducts, cooling coils and surfaces

Avoid strong chemicals, which have an impact on the environment and work environment

Avoid an environmentally harmful release of chlorinated waste-water

Avoid time-consuming manual disinfection with water and chemicals

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FLO-D Mini Mark 2 can be used for surfaces disinfection in any room

  • Disinfects in corners, chinks, ventilation ducts and surfaces
  • No manual procedures
  • No use of chemicals or water
  • PLC controlled unit with datalogging, for documentation

Due to increasingly higher hygiene demands in the food processing industry etc., the use of UV-C light to eliminate microorganisms e.g. bacteria, fungi, and viruses, is becoming more and more commonly used.

Using UV-C light to eliminate microorganisms in the air is a technique that has been known for decades. UV-C light reduces the total amount of microorganisms in the room by breaking the DNA bonds in the organisms.

Using UV-C Technology, JIMCO is specialized in the elimination of microorganisms and odors.

A minor contamination with microbiology may result in a faulty commodity – in consequence, it can be an expensive affair for the company. To avoid this, a steadily increasing number of companies decide to use UV-C surface disinfection.

Depending on the calculated UV-C dosage, a kill rate of 99.9% of all microorganisms may be achieved. Together with the PLC-control, special UV-C sensors developed by JIMCO, ensure that the UV-C light is 100% effective to surface disinfection.​


FLO-D Mini Mark 2 gives an automatic ozone & UV-C surface disinfection

Efficient disinfection – without manual procedures, chemicals or water

With the introduction of the UV-C-based disinfection of surfaces, we now add yet another field of application to our patented UV-C technology, which has been awarded the EU Environmental prize and which since 1993 has been used in self-produced air cleaners – systems which are used for removing obnoxious smells, improving the indoor climate as well as reducing the danger of fire and infection hazards. 

Now it is possible to use the UV air disinfection systems, which would normally require a manual treatment, involving a large number of advantages for the operating economy, the environment as well as the work environment.​

Why choose an automatic Surface disinfection​?​

  • ​You will avoid time-consuming manual disinfection with water and chemicals
  • ​You will save liters of water by the thousand as well as energy for heating and drying
  • ​You will disinfect more efficiently in corners, chinks and ventilation ducts, cooling surfaces.
  • ​You will avoid strong chemicals, which have an impact on the environment and work environment
  • ​Avoid an environmentally harmful release of chlorinated wastewater
  • ​Fast pay back

​In most environments, the system will provide savings on manpower, water, and heat in amounts that are so high that the repayment period will only last approximately one year.

The surface disinfection module can with advantage be used with JIMCO’s ozone & UV-C surface disinfectionthat are typically installed in connection with existing ventilation systems. In this way, the customer will have a total solution, which cleans the air in the production rooms during working hours – and disinfects all surfaces after closing time, when the daily cleaning of machines and surfaces is complete and there are no longer any people in the room.

The start-up can take place automatically via a foregoing programming, e.g. when a given process is ended, or manually by pressing a button when the last person leaves the room. Besides production rooms, the solution can with great advantage be applied in i.a. cooling and storage rooms, laboratories as well as in the health sector for the surface disinfection of bed units, etc.

Cooling trailer test

​The FLO-D Mini Mark 2 produces Ozone by draining the air in the room through the system’s UV-C chamber where oxygen O2 contained in the air is converted to ozone O3. The ozone then blows out and spread into the room.

  1. Ozone treatment in 3 hours with FLO-D Mini Mark 2 would reduce the amount of organic matter in which bacteria thrive and reproduce.
  2. That, without other means, we get an ozone flow through evaporating the unit, so that there is also a reduction of organic matter.
  3. Reduction or removal of odors.

​There was a significant reduction of fish smell after treatment, the trailer was left in the workshop overnight, which without ozone treatment usually means no one can keep the smell of fish out at the workshop and it is normal practice to pull chees / fishing trailers out at night. 

Test settings for the FLO-D Mini Mark 2: Blower speed 80%, Ozone measurement upper ozone limit 9 ppm lower limit 8 ppm - hours ON - 03 hours 00 minutes.

Application areas​

Food Industry​

Municipal facilities


Sport facilities

Biogas plant



Locker Rooms


Food Productions

Seed Disinfection



Reefer containers


​technical data

UV Lamp​

 8 pcs. 70 W​att

Quartz sleeve

8 pcs. (in cold storage) 

Power supply EU

1x230V + PE 50/60Hz, 10A 

Power supply US

1x115V + PE 50/60Hz, 10A 

Power supply EU

1x230V + PE 50/60Hz, 10A 

Consumption EU

640 watt Consumption US: 685 Watt


Proface PLC, color panel



Up to 314 m3 

Odor treatment

Up to 1.258 m3 



1150 mm


560 mm


890 mm


59 kg

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FLO-D Mini Mark 2

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