surface disinfection SOLUTIONS

Environmentally friendly - Professional air treatment 

with ​UV-C & Ozone technology since 1992



Small UV-C air purifier 

Remove odors and germs without filters in your home and much more

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Industrial air-cleaning and water purification

Environmental solutions for the future

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UV surface disinfection with FLO-D Mini Mark 2

Air surface disinfection unit with UV-C and Ozone

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Commercial Kitchen Pollution Control unit for air cleaning


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Air purifier MAC500s - Virus and Bacteria Control - FLO-D Mini Mark 2 - OZ2000 ​

You get more than just air purification

With effective air cleaning you will reduce viruses and bacteria with up to 99,99% within a short time!

Since 1992, JIMCO has helped industries, factories, restaurants, offices, and private homes with a healthier and safer indoor climate.


JIMCO has won the EU’s Environmental award

JIMCO has received the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) for the commercial kitchen pollution control systems (KPC)

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Every JIMCO product is made in Denmark and environmentally friendly. We like to make sure that you get the best solution possible, and we test every product before we export your order. By testing, we guarantee you a product of great quality.

We also offer a great service by installing the products and guide you how to handle them, so you will get the best effective air purification treatment of your products.

Our products has a documented effect and has received several certificates. Go to Insights to see our documents.


Air Purification with the UV-C & Ozone Technology

An Environmentally friendly solution

All JIMCO products are environmentally friendly. By producing UV-C light and Ozone in our special lamps, you will be free from filters, water, and chemicals.

People have been using UV-C lights for many years to disinfect surfaces and to purify the air. UV-C are natural rays from the sun, which also are a part of the natural way of cleaning the air and surfaces on the Earth.


JIMCO has received the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) for the commercial kitchen pollution control systems (KPC)

Ozone is a smart combination with UV-C

Ozone (O3) is a natural reactive gas composed of three oxygen (O2) atoms. The ozone is a naturally process produced from UV rays and oxygen. With the right amount of Ozone, it is effective to reduce bacteria, virus or any dangerous pathogen. The JIMCO Air Treatment Company’s combination of UV-C light and Ozone is called Photolytic oxidation, which makes it an effective technology to use while purifying the air and surfaces.

“We are happy that we have found an effective solution with our special UV-C lamps, so we do not have to produce filters, add chemicals or water, that can harm the environment even more. Our mission is to contribute to a chemical free world, so we can leave a healthier world to the next generations.”

– Jimmy K. Larsen, CEO at JIMCO A/S

Satisfied customers​

​“I was very plagued by asthma in my younger days, but after I got the air purifier, I have not experienced any notable problems”, tells Myrna.

”We have felt a better health from the children, and the heavy air, we had before, is totally gone now.

I can also feel it in myself – The headache and tiredness has also disappeared. If the air purifier, wrongly, has been turned off in the night, we can feel it immediately.”

​”As a safety training company finding a product that would protect our clients during training was of paramount importance. We wanted to provide peace of mind and comfort to our training team and clients, so after researching various options available to us we chose the JIMCO MAC500 and OZ2000.”

​”It is with great pleasure that we can tell you what positive effects the MAC500 has had on Inge's asthma. We have had the machine for approx four years and during that time Inge has managed to get rid of asthma medicine.”

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