​​Small air purifiers

Air cleaning and ​Disinfection

With JIMCO’s small air purifiers you will get air purification that are effective and has documented effect. With an UV-C air purifier you can easily clean the air and you will only have to operate the cleaner by a power socket.

Fresh air 24/7 - Easy and simple in your everyday life.

A special UV-C lamp makes the small air purifiers effective with no use of any filters or chemicals. 

Fresh air 24/7 - Easy and simple in your everyday life.

Feel the fresh air


What is the difference? ​


​The MAC500s will reduce the bacteria and viruses with 99,9% within 3 hours. 

You can be present in the room while it is running.

MAC500s has received a UL certificate. You will find the MAC500s UL version below. 

The air purifier is perfect for any location: 

Home, office, waiting rooms, toilets etc. 


​The OZ series – OZ1000, OZ1000T and OZ2000 are air purifiers that purify and sanitize the surfaces with up to 99,84% within 1 hour.

The air purifiers produce a higher level of ozone, which will give a more concentrated purification treatment. 


People or animals must not be present in the room or area being treated by OZ1000 & OZ2000. The OZ1000T has a timer installed, so once treatment is finished, it will turn off by itself.


​How can we help you?​

Please feel free to contact us, and one of our managers

will contact you. If you are looking for product or a new UV-C lamp for your MAC500s or the OZ Series please find a partner near you.

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