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​According to the new Data Protection Agreement, we need to inform that we do store informative data.

JIMCO A/S saves: Name, address, email and phone number.
Information is only used to facilitate workflow regarding offer and billing.
We do NOT use your information to send out newsletters or offers.

​If you do not want us to save your information, please contact us, then we will delete your information.

Please consider the content mail as confidential information.


​Since the beginning of JIMCO A/S in 1993 has the company work to bear the​ responsibility of running business, and especially a business with environmentally intentions and technologies that JIMCO A/S would like to develop, produce, and show to the world.

The responsibility for running a company that takes into account the environment, social conditions and finances is the cornerstone of JIMCO A/S’ working model and is the basic principle we work with every single day.

The following pages after this introduction will include the following topics in order to e.g., environment, quality awareness, working environment etc. goes hand in hand as this is very important for our reputation and thereby our business.


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