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Mjølbyvej 7
5900 Rudkøbing
Tlf.: 40430290
CVR: 25000374


EST. 1992

Mjølbyvej 7

DK-5900 Rudkøbing​


Phone: +45 6251 5456


CVR: 25000374


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Looking for new UV-C lamps for your MAC500s

or for the OZ Series? Find a JIMCO partner near you here!


JIMCO communicates in 5 different languages!

Danish, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese

Feel free to contact us in the language that suits you​

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JIMCO has partners in more than 30 countries all over the world.

If you are interested in our products and UV-C lamps or just want to get in touch with a partner near you, please have a look here.

Jimco team

Jimmy K. Larsen

CEO - Managing Director

+45 62515456

Jannik Kjær Bratås

Project Sales Manager, Industry

+45 23477721

Michael Vestergaard-Kløcker

Business Unit Manager, KPC

+45 21493348

Martin Bendix

Production Manager, KPC

+45 20183848

Jane Petersen

Logistics Coordinator, KPC

+45 23417505

Tina Langer

Sales Coordinator, KPC
​Germany / Austria

+45 40464565

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Else Marie Nielsen

Sales Supporter

Germany / Austria

+45 40384849​

Arja K. Trier

Area Sales Manager

Sweden and Finland - Industry

+45 20270489

Henrik Drud Hansen

Technical Designer


 +45 62515456

Per Marcelo Blicher-Jepsen

Area Sales Executive 

Latin America 

​ +45 29444893

Olivia Omann-Vestergaard

Marketing Executive

+45 40121050

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Annette Jensen

​Financial Controller 

+45 62515456

Vibeke Hansen

Finance Department

+45 62515456


Mark Illum Severini

Supervisor & Production

+45 23403790


​How can we help you?​

Please feel free to contact us, and one of our managers

will contact you. If you are looking for product or a new UV-C lamp for your MAC500s or the OZ Series please find a partner near you.

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EST. 1992​

​​​Mjølbyvej 7

DK-5900 Rudkøbin​g



Ph​on​e: +45 62 51 54 56


CVR: 25000374

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