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What happens if a compact cleaner produces more ozone than necessary?

If you feel that the compact cleaner produces too much ozone, because it basically has finished cleaning, and you forget to turn off the machine, there is no danger; it is not possible to produce a surplus of ozone with model MAC500.

The smell limit for ozone is approx. 0,02 ppm. After this, the ozone begins to smell like a Xerox machine, that has copied many copies in a row. The Danish Working Environment Service has a limiting value for ozone in a working area which is 0,1 ppm. This means 20 times the amount that has to be present for smelling ozone. The MAC500 cannot produce enough ozone to exceed the limit set by the Danish Working Environment Service

​The compact cleaners, model OZ1000 and OZ2000 are more powerful models designed to ”shock treat” rooms, cars, containers etc. These compact cleaners are used to create an ozone residue in the room, and thereafter the compact cleaner has to be turned off. If one of these models are present and turned on in the same room for too long, the amount of ozone can exceed the limit of the Danish Working Environment Service. We therefore recommend that no one is present in the room while treating with ozone.​

​​What happens if too much ozone is produced in the extract system?

Ozone is an unstable form of oxygen that will chemically decompose to oxygen again maximum 20 minutes after the KPC-unit has been turned off.

How does ozone remove grease from the extract system?

Ozone “oxidises”grease and oil: This means a cold combustion that can be compared to a warm combustion.

​​​Which substances remain after applying a compact cleaner for elimination of smoke?

​Inside the compact cleaner model MAC500, the air is being sterilized, which means that bacteria, viruses, and yeasts, if any, are eliminated. Also, a small amount of ozone is produced which eliminates odor from the air and from the surface of the room. What comes out of the compact cleaner is mainly sterilized air and ozone.

A residual product if any is only made in the room, after the oxidation process, as carbon dioxide and water, but in such a small amount that it will be very difficult to measure.

Therefore it is important to stress, that no foreign or harmful compounds are made. Model OZ1000 and OZ2000 are mainly producing ozone. They also sterilize the air as the lamps’ wavelengths in both models have a sterilizing effect.​

​​What is the leftover product after fat and grease has been treated with the JIMCO’s system?

After the oxidation is completed the end product is mainly CO2 and water along with a small amount of polymerized grease, which leaves the extract system as dust.​

How do you distinguish between ozone produced in the FLO-units and ozone that is dangerous to the nature?

Ozone is a protective gas naturally present in the atmosphere. It is naturally produced by means of the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. And exactly the wavelength of the sun that produces ozone is applied in the Jimco UV-lamps.

​​The ozone that is said to pollute the nature is, in fact, NOX pollution and not ozone. It is a fact that NOX disturbs the measuring of ozone! The best way to explain this is: Ozone smells much more strongly and characteristic. With a content of 0,02 ppm, you can smell the ozone (in a working room the allowed content is 0,1 ppm which is unpleasantly high). If you have a content of ozone that high in nature, which you sometimes hear about in the news, it would smell heavy outside.

JIMCO A/S applies special UV-C lamps to produce ozone. What is the difference between the JIMCO method and the ozone produced by high voltage (Corona Ozone)?

JIMCO only produces ozone-applying UV-lamps. This means that clean ozone without any other compounds is made.

If you would apply a high voltage to produce ozone, then oxygen combines with nitrogen. This means that NOX is produced contrary to ozone produced by UV-lamps – and Nitric Oxide (NOX) is an environmental problem.

​High-voltage ozone generators must therefore always be used adding clean oxygen – e.g. from an oxygen cylinder or from an oxygen generator.

However, when you produce ozone by means of UV-light you do not have the necessary energy available to produce NOX. That is the reason why the JIMCO method is preferable when you care about your employees and the environment.


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