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Air Cleaner Myths & facts

1. We remove Virus and Bacteria with 99.99%

The Claim: Our Air purifier removes 99.99% of the virus and bacteria

The Advice: Double check the function of the cleaner and verify their test certificates as this might be a misleading statement as the removal of and at time killing of virus and bacteria only happens in the air purifier for most manufactures, meaning it is only the air that passes the cleaner that is cleaned, the remaining room and surfaces still contains bacteria and virus that stick to wet surfaces.

Note 1.1. To remove virus and bacteria effectively and actively from the room it needs to be cleaned and ventilated well or as alternative a safe amount of Ozone can be added to actively kill bacteria and virus in the room.

Note 1.2. To measure effectiveness of Bactria and Virus removal, the manufacturer needs to have the device tested by a certified laboratory that can provided controlled environment and documented swap testing. There is currently no devices that can concurrently measure bacteria and virus the air or room.

2.​Purification or filter performance is 99.99%

The Claim: Our high efficient Hepa or Merv filters with 99.99% efficiency

Advise: Most air purifier manufactures purchase the Hepa or Merv filters from a sub supplier, it is therefore important to check if it is only the filter that is tested or the whole air purifier as there can be leaks in the connection between air filter and air purifier body.

Note.2.1. Hepa and Merv filters only traps and does not kills Virus and Bacteria, there could be a possible bio-hazard in replacing the filter as well as a disposal fee.

3.​We remove dust in the room.

The Claim: We reduce the dust in the air and room

The Advice: Dust in the air comes from outside, if you have a closed house and clean the house regularly you have a very small amount of dust in the air, so you do not need to remove dust unless you have a dust creating source in the house.

Note 3.1. Residential homes do typically not have dust creating sources, they are normally only found in industrial plants, workshops, clinics etc and a at capture at source is required such as a extraction hood and dust collector.

Note 3.2. Pollution sources in a residential home is typically mold spores from mold attacks, organic particle from cooking, people, and animals as well as bacteria, these particles are best removed by building machinal ventilation, opening windows to replace air or where that is limited safe proving a small amount of Ozone by UV-C

4.​Credibility, our device is tested.

The claim: The air purifier is certified tested but often the manufacturer only posts a picture of a test report or just refer to a certificate number but there are no details of who have done the test and what the test reveals.

Advise: Please ask your suppliers for the test certificate properly if they are not readily available and please check details carefully. Normally there is a summery from the test institute declaring the purpose of the test and performance achieved and read disclaimers properly. 

5.​High air flow capacity (CADR)

The Claim: We can clean a very big room or house as we have a very big air purifier / air cleaner that can deliver xxx of air per hour also known as Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

The Advice: Several small air purifiers are better as the risk of dead spots in the room are reduced. Ask any ventilation expert and they will tell you that to properly control and clean air in the room you need to have several outlet/inlet vents, a good sample is to look at how many aircons are used in a restaurant, office, or conference room.

Note 5.1. Air purifiers have a limited reach and ability to circulate air, to provide efficient air cleaning we recommend placing the air purifier App. 2 m above floor level, if possible, as most contaminated is in that level and most people breath the air in same level. If bigger rooms a central air cleaning system should be installed or more air purifiers installed.

6.​No Ozone in our air purifier

The Claim: Our Air Purifiers are free from Dangerous Ozone

Advise: Check the test reports as the statement might only refer to the Ozone level is below that max recommended value.

Note 6.1. Please be aware that High Frequency electrostatic filters and generators can generate Ozone and that also emits dangerous NOx which is harmful.

Note 6.2 Ozone generated with UV-C light is free of NOx and acts like the ozone in Nature to kill Virus, Bactria, mold, and odor, but should be controlled to work effectively and be safe for humans.

7.​Ozone is dangerous

The Claim: Ozone is dangerous and harm people’s health

Advise: Please check how the Ozone is generated as there is Ozone naturally present in fresh air as it is part of Nature, it is correct that to much Ozone and especially Ozone generated by high frequency Ozone generator is dangerous as it contains NOx. Most UV-C Ozone generators generates NOx free Ozone

Note 7.1. Natural and fresh air contains Ozone which actively helps kill bacteria, mold and organic matters in the air, thereby helping to clean the air from harmful substances

Note 7.2. Ozone converts to O2 (oxygen) when reacting and breaking down harmful particles and thereby remove the hazard.

Note 7.3. Ozone generators are devices that generate high level of Ozone to sanitize, disinfect and remove odors and they are commonly used in factories, hotels and restaurant and residential homes to clean facilities. Please note that when Ozone generators are used no people should be present in the facilities during the operation.

Note 7.4. Most cleaning agents contains Chlorine, alcohol, Chloroxylenol and can be harmful breath and irritating to skin especially in high concentrations and does not break down easily and therefore pollute both air and water. Ozone breaks down to O2 (Oxygen)

Note 7.5 Many types of electronics equipment such as computers, printers, television etc. can produce harmful Ozone containing NOx, therefore many countries have implement laws and recommendations concerning Ozone emissions and it is mandated that printers etc. are installed in separate rooms with proper ventilation.

8.​We measure your air quality.

The Claim: Our air purifier has built in air quality measurement device for your benefit to provide status of air quality.

The Advice: Don’t trust these devises, all measurement devices need constant calibration to work properly, we haven’t found one yet that is tested and conforming with standards set by the authorities as a reliable device.

Note 6. Air quality test equipment used by laboratories and government authorities easily cost several thousands of USD. Those devices can only be used by skilled people and calibration is required often to ensure they are accurate.

9.​XXX country air purifier

The Claim: Our Air purifier is from XXX Famous country; we are therefore reliable.

The Advice: Double check where the Air purifier is actually produced and tested as some companies only have marketing and head office in the claimed country, but the actual technology and Air purifier is some times a rebranded product made and tested in another country.


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