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​Is ozone dangerous to humans?

​Ozone could be dangerous, but it is safe when used properly. There is no reason to fear ozone. Low levels of ozone are all around us and are safe to breathe.Overly high ozone exposure in an occupied room is not recommended. We use the right amount of ozone in our systems.It is very important for JIMCO to control over the ozone level since we care a lot about people’s health and safety.​

​​​Is it dangerous to use an ozone generator as an air purifier in my home?

​​It is true that the lungs might be affected by the continuous influence of ozone air, however, it is a question of concentrations. The EU has a limit on how much ozone is allowed to be in a room, where people are present. This limit is 0,1 ppm (the same limit as the Danish Working Environment Service has set) and this is a considerably high level. Normally, there is no reason to have such a high level.

If only a small amount of ozone is present, you have an oxidation potential resulting in an improved indoor climate. We recommend using the MAC500 in offices and in private homes. Larger rooms can be treated with the compact cleaner OZ1000 without danger to your health as large rooms demand more ozone for the correct treatment.​

​Is ozone dangerous to animals and plants?

It is important to use ozone correctly in connection with animals and plants. JIMCO A/S has gained experience in the following fields:

Breeding of fish: Here ozone produced by means of light is added to clear the water, remove the coating on the tank and to eliminate diseases from fish, resulting in an improved feeding quotient. This would not be possible if using Corona Ozone (high-voltage ozone).

Breeding of chicken: Here ozone is added through the injection ducts resulting in sterilization of the air. The ozone also lays a protective layer on the animals, and thus minimize the danger of infection.

​Greenhouses: Light produced ozone is added in greenhouses to destroy molds and to minimize the danger of infection among the plants. However, it is important that the treatment is made in hours with daylight as the photosynthesis affect the use of ozone. Also, ozone is added to the water to avoid that molds are spread through the irrigation system.

Therefore we must point out, that ozone is not harmful to animals and plants when used correctly, on the contrary


​​Can I stay in a room that is being treated with ozone?

​It is important to stress, that ozone is an important part of our nature and that people cannot survive without this kind of gas. However, you must also be aware that ozone is an oxidizing agent and therefore one shall use ozone with care. As mentioned in the above there are no problems connected to the use of compact cleaners under normal circumstances.

​For 25 years JIMCO A/S has developed machines producing the most environmentally friendly form of ozone. The technique is based on UV-light that is developed from the ozone-producing rays of the sun. This means that only clean ozone is produced and not the form of ozone produced in high-voltage-production units such as Xerox machines, welding units etc., where dangerous Nitric Oxide (NOX) is produced besides ozone. NOX can enter into the blood resulting in serious damage to the human body.


Can ozone cause skin eruption?

JIMCO A/S has no knowledge of skin eruption associated with the use of ozone produced with UV-light. It is correct, that it is recommended that no staff is present during treatment of a room with ozone, using e.g. one or several compact cleaners model OZ1000 or OZ2000. If you stay in a room during treatment with these two models, your eyes and throat can dry out and become irritated as these machines can develop an ozone content that surpasses the limiting values.

We can inform you in this connection that Danish damage service companies have started using JIMCO’s UV-light-based ozone due to the fact that high-voltage ozone is very dangerous to your health.

Is UV-C light dangerous to humans?

Yes, direct exposure to UV-C light is dangerous, it can cause rapid sunburn and skin cancer. Exposure of the eyes to this UV radiation can produce extremely painful inflammation of the cornea and temporary or permanent vision impairment, up to and including blindness in some cases.

It’s so important that UV-C light is shielded and protected by special equipment, and that's exactly what Jimco does with all the systems using UV-C light. Safety is the highest priority for JIMCO.​

UV-C measurement test Certificate

Does the Kitchen Pollution Control system installed in the kitchen hood affect the indoor safety?​

​The equipment is always installed so that air is let through the extract system. In this way, it is not possible to produce any ozone residue in the kitchen. It is possible to install a pressure guard on the kitchen extract system so that the KPC-unit will automatically be switched off in case of fan failure.


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