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Can you eliminate odor and smell by using JIMCO Compact Cleaners?

​The smell from mold does also disappear after treatment with the compact cleaner. You cannot say that smell from the mold will be gone forever because the smell normally is transported through the air from another place than the area being treated.​

Does the smell return when you are done using the JIMCO Compact Cleaners?

​​The smell does not return after the treatment with the compact cleaners. Ozone has the capacity to reach all hollow spaces, carpets, behind panels etc. This means that grease and other aromatic compounds will be oxidized and it cannot return unless there is still a source to the bad smell present.

​Therefore, it is important that a normal cleaning of the item to be treated has been made and that the source to the smell has been removed, prior to the treatment.

Can rubber and electrical wires/cables be damaged if ozone is present?​

​It is correct that ozone affects all organic compounds. However, there is a considerable difference whether it is a continuous influence or just a treatment. There is no risk in treating a car with the MAC/OZ compact cleaners.

​Therefore there is no risk in using the compact cleaner in offices and in private homes, as the compact cleaners are not powerful enough to fill such large rooms with high concentrations of ozone resulting in damaged cables and rubber.​


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