UV-C HVAC – Ventilation control system

A healthy indoor climate are important for your everyday life and life quality

What can the UV-C ventilation system do for you

No matter if you work in an open office, on a ship, factory etc. a good ventilation system is essential for your well-being. Especially if you are staying in a building without windows to open to get fresh air and drafts.

The JIMCO Virus and Bacteria Control system is placed in the ventilation system. As virus and bacteria travels through the ventilation system they can easily be distributed from one room to another. 

Did you know?

All JIMCO products will be specially produced to your business. No matter where and which products you order, we will always make sure that the products fit to your areas. That is why we also offer extra install services, so our super advisors adapt your needs.

The powerful UV-C light for HVAC is reducing the amount of oil, grease, and odor, and works like a very severe sunburn. 

By destroying microorganism’ in the ventilation system you will ensure that recirculated air is being disinfected before it re-enters into the space of a building, and this will significantly improve indoor air quality.​

Ventilator bacterial with no filter are environmentally friendly and runs without any use of chemicals, filters, or Ozone. 

Some of the many advantage you will get from the UV-C HVAC system

Disinfect recirculated air

​Up to 99,99% reduction

​Ensures healthy indoor air - Decrease level of sick-leave​

Eliminates the threat of virus spreading through the ventilation system

Automatic 24/7​

Ozone free

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Application areas​


Ships / Yachts



Conference rooms


​And many more...

​technical data

Ventilation for Virus and Bacteria Control System will be customized ​

other air cleaning products​


​How can we help you?​

Please feel free to contact us, and one of our managers

will contact you. If you are looking for product or a new UV-C lamp for your MAC500s or the OZ Series please find a partner near you.

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