​HS Purifier

The HS Purifier uses photolytic oxidation to purify hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in the air. When the amount of H2S is reduced significant in a pump well you will avoid neighbors complaining about odor and you will protect your electrical installations against the corrosive gas.​

The HS Purifier is connected to a 230 V power supply and is mounted vertical in an Ø110 PVC tube with the ventilator on top. The Ø110 tube ends in the pump well and the ozone will travel through the tube into the pump pit.

Oxygen in the atmospheric air is converted into ozone by using JIMCO’s special HS lamp. The ozone is blown to into the pump pit by a ventilator mounted on the HS Purifier. The ozone will react with hydrogen sulfide and the following chemical reaction occurs in pump well:

O₃ + H₂S -> SO₂ + H₂O -> SO₂²⁻ og SO₃²⁻​

This means that the hydrogen sulfide is oxidized into a sulfur compound and is therefore no longer dangerous or malodorous.

Advantages using the HS-Purifier:

  • ​Ozonation is 100% effective in converting
    ​H2S to sulfates
  • ​Reduces hydrogen sulfide effectively
  • ​Sterilizes the air
  • ​Odor reduction No complaining neighbors
  • ​Protecting electrical installations
  • ​Environmentally friendly purification
  • ​Disinfects - E-coli bacteria, Zars, Etc.
  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Low initial cost
  • ​Low operation and maintenance costs



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