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Application areas​

Examples of application areas​

with OZ1000 & OZ2000​

Main area​


Nursing homes​

Odor re-development prior to the arrival of new residents​

Auto dealers​

The reorganization of odor-loaded cars​


Odor re-development of hotel rooms

Disinfection of kitchens

Removing smoke odor in the bars

Odor restoration in garbage​

Building painters​

The reorganization of odor from carpets and furniture after cleaning​

Restaurants, discos​

The reorganization of odor from carpets and furniture after cleaning​

Housing associations​

Smell re-development of apartments before the new tenants moving in 

Removing the smell in the garbage/shafts​

Assembly houses​

Odor restoration in bingo halls, major measures​


Odor restoration in various compartments​


Air re-organization of space​

Central wastewater

treatment plant​

Odor re-organization in the greate space

Odor restoration in sludge treatment room

Pumping stations in the open country​

Damage companies​

Odor restoration of fire damage

The flooding of basements

Sewer overflow in space

Equal society

Odor re-organization after pests

Dry frying damage

Vandalism with malodorous materials​


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