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MAC500 – Fresh air and the elimination of bacteria​

JIMCO has specialized in combating odors by using patented UV-C and Ozone technology.

Improved indoor climate, improved work environment!

​A poor indoor climate in rooms which we occupy affects our quality of life and health negatively.

​Unpleasant odors can themselves create discomfort but indoor air pollution is also the source of headaches, respiratory problems, fatigue, and asthma. All these problems can affect people’s working ability and concentration.​

The technology behind MAC500 reduces absence due to illness!

A scientific study in Canada has proved the effect of UV-C technology in connection with indoor climate.

The study was based on a company‘s 771 employees and the result of this study was published in ”THE LANCET” Vol. 362 of 29.11.2003.

The results clearly showed a reduction of absence due to illness up to 40 % – and a daily increased productivity of up to 10 %.

MAC500 is applicable everywhere

• MAC500 is able to improve the indoor climate everywhere where people are present.

​• MAC500 reduces the number of bacteria, viruses and mold fungi and is therefore also suitable in bacteria loaded environments.​

Odors can be difficult to remove

 Even though a room is well ventilated, odor problems can be difficult to remove.

​• With MAC500 you can permanently solve any kind of odor problem and without the use of chemicals.

​• The odor will not return unless the source of the odor is still present.

Easy to install!

MAC500 must be installed high in the room – on a bookshelf, wall or ceiling.

Produced in:

4 different colors: White –Stainless steel –Black​Grey  

Technical data:​

UV lamp​​

1×8 W​​



Power consump​


Room area​

60 m3

Operating lamp​

8000 hours​


310 mm​


90 mm​


90 mm​


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