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MAC500s References from satisfied customers

MAC500s References from satisfied customers

Statement from Marielund – center for social psychiatry: Manager Bjarne N. Nielsen

Marielund is a social psychiatric center. Some of our clients smoke a lot and some are incontinent. This affects our indoor climate with smoke nuisance and unpleasant odors. In a period of 2 weeks, we have tested 3 ”MAC500s” air cleaners. Immediately, we experienced a significant improvement in our indoor climate with less smoke and odor nuisances. We have therefore until now invested in 20 air cleaners, which our clients and we are very much satisfied with. We give ”MAC500s” our best recommendations.

Statement from Læssøensgadens School in Århus: Reno Sørensen

The air cleaner MAC500 was installed in our smoking room that is used by the teachers. And I must say, it has made quite a big difference. The room is 25 m2 and the room has a high ceiling. The air-cleaner was able to clean the air in the room – after only 1-2 hours there is no bad odor at all – despite up to 12 smokers have used the room. Based on this I give MAC500s my best recommendations.

Statement from Munkebjerg Hotel in Vejle: Jens Peder Hansen

For some time, we have had problems with bad air in a room where we keep food scraps in plastic containers with lids. We installed an air-cleaner model MAC500s and after 2 days the air in the room had improved and after a week there was no bad odor left. There is no doubt the air-cleaner, which both sterilized and removed the bad odor, was for us a cost-efficient way of solving the problem, and we give the MAC500s air-cleaner our best recommendations.

Statement from Cimpro in Kolding: Kim Hansen

Before buying the air-cleaner model MAC500s, we had a big problem with the poor quality indoor climate in the office due to smoking. We must say that the air-cleaner is really working. From day one we entered the office, the air was fresher. The air-cleaner is operating continuously.

Statement from Grafisk Design in Kolding: Helge Jensen

We were skeptical but were persuaded to buy 2 MAC500 air-cleaners. We have made the following conclusion: During the daily working hours, there is no significant improvement of the air purity, which must be due to the heavy change of air extract, we have in serigraphic printing. When operating the air cleaner during the night, however, we have experienced a considerable improvement of the air purity at the beginning of the working day. In this way, the indoor climate in the printing house has improved significantly and we give MAC500s our best recommendations.

Statement from takeaway in Lunderskov: Kim Jørgensen

I have a takeaway where there has always been poor air quality in the kitchen due to grilling and frying odor. After installing the MAC500s, the odor has just disappeared. I, therefore, recommend the MAC500s air-cleaner.

Private person:

I, Bjarne Olsen (49 years old and smoker) have been suffering from asthma for 5 years and some of my friends, who used the air-cleaner, told me about the MAC500s Air Cleaner. I then bought the MAC500s air-cleaner and have been using it for one month. As a result of using it:

  • I do no longer use inhaler I sleep through all night
  • My head does not feel “heavy” in the morning
  • I have had no headache
  • My home does not smell smoky

All in all, I feel that my everyday life has improved and therefore I warmly recommend the use of the MAC500s Air-cleaner.

Private person: Stig Edgar Nedergaard

My girlfriend and I suffer from allergy to dogs and smoke for many years and having both a dog and a wood-burning stove, we have taken medication every day. Having heard about your air-cleaner through some of our friends, I contacted your company and had a MAC500s for testing. After only a few days, we agreed that it was a very good solution to our problems. From day one, we did not take any medication as this was the only way to test the effect of the unit and none of us have had the need to take medication since. The only exception has been when we play with our dog on the floor, but it is obvious that when you bore your head into the dog’s fur then it must go wrong. However, the attack is over as soon as there are no allergy-provoking compounds in the air. Actually, we could not afford to buy the device, but we agreed to skip Christmas and spend the money on a better indoor climate and thus improved quality of life. We warmly recommend others with similar problems to try a MAC500s compact cleaner.

Private person: Jane Rasmussen

During the last 8 years, I’ve suffered from allergy and asthma and I take medicine on a daily basis. As I saw a small advertisement for the MAC500s Air Cleaner in the magazine “Hendes Verden”. I thought: “I need to test such an air-cleaner!” During the last few months, I have now tested the MAC500s Air-cleaner. I have installed the MAC500s Air-cleaner in my bedroom and have turned it on approx. one hour before I go to bed in order to clean the air before I go to bed. After having installed this air-cleaner, I feel much fresher and more relaxed in the morning. And the best part is… I do not suffer from a “clogged” nose. Even my husband, who is not suffering from allergy, feels much more fit in the morning!! Therefore, I warmly recommend people with the same problems to test the MAC500s Air-cleaner.

– And such references could continue.

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