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JIMCO A/S has advanced the development of a new technology for pre-cleansing organically loaded wastewater. The technology is called Ozone Flotation and no form of chemical treatment is required in the process.

When producing ozone, we use pure oxygen produced by an oxygen generator or supplied from an external tank.

The JIMCO Ozone Flotation systems are supplied with electronic control. The controller continuously measures PH values, flow per hour and pressure. Level sensors control pump operation via PLC control. Ozone sensors control ozone injection. The combined effect of this close control is optimum operating efficiency. The controller will initiate alarms when water level or thermo failure occurs. JIMCO has developed safe operating procedures for our systems. Oxygen and ozone levels are continuously measured in the plant room. If oxygen or ozone levels exceed specified levels, an alarm in the form of a siren and flashlights mounted at all entrances will give the necessary warning if a fault occurs. The system is also mounted with a safety switch, which cuts the power to all technical installations.

At high pressure, the ozone is added using a specially developed system of injectors. The injection of ozone breaks up the organic chains so that flocculation takes place. At the same time, atmospheric air is added causing the organic components to be elevated to the surface where they form a layer of sludge. A scraper continuously removes this layer.

Type of system:

For the pre-cleansing of wastewater an Ozone Flotation System with the following qualities is recommended:​

  • The cleansing system is a mechanical/chemical system capable of treating varying wastewater loads. The system can operate continuously for peak demand or to pre-programmed settings when treating smaller water quantities. Maximum system efficiency is achieved as operating costs are proportional to the quantity of wastewater treated. This compares favorably to conventional biological wastewater systems where efficiency can fluctuate dramatically – depending on load.
  • The sludge will not contain environment polluting agents, chemical residues etc., but will primarily consist of biodegradable sludge/compost, which can be used in a biogas system or as manure, thus promoting ecological farming practices.
  • The degree of cleansing can be adjusted to meet the requirements of a direct recipient or subsequent biological treatment.
  • Subsequent biological cleansing is easier.
  • The system can be expanded using ultraviolet light treatment of the cleansed wastewater. This will sterilize the wastewater and it can be recycled for washing processes in the company.
  • Operation of the system does not require specially trained staff (often required for biological wastewater treatment plant) but can be managed by personnel with limited technical skills combined with our client-training program.​

Environmentally friendly cleansing of wastewater

Ozone Flotation is a known process. There are many cases detailing the use of ozone in flotation systems. The efficiency of the process depends on the chemical/pollutant composition of the wastewater being treated.

JIMCO A/S has further developed the ultimate environmentally correct method for pre-cleansing chemical and/or organically loaded liquids such as drinking water, recirculation water, tailwater, wastewater and process water.

The method is to separate the liquid in a sludge phase containing the unwanted contaminants and a pure water phase using ozone flotation.

Ozone produced from pure oxygen and mixed with natural air/pure oxygen, depending on the contamination and the required decomposition level, is dissolved directly in the recirculated parts of the water to be treated. The ozone will break down and decompose the existing molecule structures. The contamination floats to the surface and forms a layer of sludge, which is then skimmed off.

Advantages of using a JIMCO Wastewater System

The system requires no specially trained staff to operate and is controlled by PLC for thermal errors, power failure, levels etc.

  • ​No chemical additives or pressure tanks
  • Needs less space than biological air treatment plant, which also requires frequent maintenance and is sensitive to varying dose feed rates
  • No secondary pollution caused by added chemicals
  • The system can convert otherwise difficult destructible organic compounds, e.g. toxins, into less poisonous end products
  • Reduces overall bacteria levels
  • Destroys watery color substances so thus absorbency of tail water is reduced
  • Produces pure sludge without chemical remains
  • High contents of dry matter in the sludge (20-45%)

When designing an Ozone Flotation System, the interaction between ozone and the organic matter to be treated is examined to determine the most efficient dosage levels to float the material. The loading to achieve flotation is made through a mix of ozone and air. The pre-cleansing system can be modularly enlarged as flow from the process increases.


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Table: Cleaning effect on pre-cleansing


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