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Air-cleaning Units

Air-cleaning Units

JIMCO A/S has specialized in the reduction of grease and odor problems through the development of advanced patented UV-C & Ozone technology.

This technology eliminates a number of environmental hazards generated by industrial and commercial processes.

Example one: Destruction of odor and grease produced by industrial and commercial fryers/deep fat fryers that can exhaust to atmosphere and deposit in the hood and duct systems.

Example two: Dramatic reduction of malodor and organic contamination from sewage, bio-gas and incinerating plants. Applications are numerous and most organic based environmental hazards can be eliminated using Jimco technology.

Benefits using JIMCO Air-cleaning units:

  • Tested and reliable equipment
  • Effective reduction of odors and VOC’s
  • No use of chemicals or fragrant oils
  • No use of filters or absorbents
  • No use of microbiology
  • No liquid effluent or harmful residues
  • A compact installation that efficiently utilizes space
  • Simple to retrofit into existing buildings
  • Instant start-up and shot down
  • Competitive investment cost
  • Low maintenance and operation cost

Eliminate the problems associated with high chimney stacks, incinerators/thermal oxidizers, biological filters/peat beds, chemical scrubbers, fragrant oil masking, etc. as they are not required when you use JIMCO technology.​


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