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Commercial kitchen

Odor, grease and fat reduction.

The original air conditioning systems manufactured by JIMCO A / S combine two important features for any commercial kitchen or manufacturing company.

As the plants remove the odor from the air, they also break down the grease and oil deposited in the ducts.

Practically, JIMCO A / S offers an easy and effective way to treat air, both inside and outside buildings. At the same time, the reduced air pollution decreases the risk of fire by up to 95%.

JIMCO A / S is constantly developing new products to meet the demands of the time. For example, the increased focus on the importance of a good indoor climate has inspired JIMCO A / S to develop a special air sterilization system that can be used everywhere - in kindergartens and schools, in museums, hospitals, and nursing homes. In other words, anywhere that clean air and bacterial degradation are of great importance. 

Hood without JIMCO Technology – Not cleaned for 6 months (on the left)

Hood with JIMCO Technology – Not cleaned for 6 months (on the right)​

Inspection Hatch without JIMCO Technology – Not cleaned for 6 months (on the left)

Inspection Hatch with JIMCO Technology – Not cleaned for 38 months (on the right)​

Duct without JIMCO Technology (on the left)

Duct with JIMCO Technology (on the right)​


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