​​What happens if a compact cleaner produces more ozone than necessary?

If you feel that the compact cleaner produces too much ozone, because it basically has finished cleaning, and you forget to turn off the machine, there is no danger; it is not possible to produce a surplus of ozone with model MAC500.

The smell limit for ozone is approx. 0,02 ppm. After this, the ozone begins to smell like a Xerox machine, that has copied many copies in a row. The Danish Working Environment Service has a limiting value for ozone in a working area which is 0,1 ppm. This means 20 times the amount that has to be present for smelling ozone. The MAC500 cannot produce enough ozone to exceed the limit set by the Danish Working Environment Service

​The compact cleaners, model OZ1000 and OZ2000 are more powerful models designed to ”shock treat” rooms, cars, containers etc. These compact cleaners are used to create an ozone residue in the room, and thereafter the compact cleaner has to be turned off. If one of these models are present and turned on in the same room for too long, the amount of ozone can exceed the limit of the Danish Working Environment Service. We therefore recommend that no one is present in the room while treating with ozone.​


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