JIMCO A/S applies special UV-C lamps to produce ozone. What is the difference between the Jimco method
​and the ozone produced by high voltage (Corona Ozone)?

​​JIMCO only produces ozone-applying UV-lamps. This means that clean ozone without any other compounds is made.

If you would apply a high voltage to produce ozone, then oxygen combines with nitrogen. This means that NOX is produced contrary to ozone produced by UV-lamps – and Nitric Oxide (NOX) is an environmental problem.

​High-voltage ozone generators must therefore always be used adding clean oxygen – e.g. from an oxygen cylinder or from an oxygen generator.

However, when you produce ozone by means of UV-light you do not have the necessary energy available to produce NOX. That is the reason why the JIMCO method is preferable when you care about your employees and the environment.


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