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I have heard that it is dangerous to be in a room with ozone produced by an ozone generator. Is this correct?

​It is important to stress, that ozone is an important part of our nature and that people cannot survive without this kind of gas. However, you must also be aware that ozone is an oxidizing agent and therefore one shall use ozone with care. As mentioned in the above there are no problems connected to the use of compact cleaners under normal circumstances.

​For 25 years JIMCO A/S has developed machines producing the most environmentally friendly form of ozone. The technique is based on UV-light that is developed from the ozone-producing rays of the sun. This means that only clean ozone is produced and not the form of ozone produced in high-voltage-production units such as Xerox machines, welding units etc., where dangerous Nitric Oxide (NOX) is produced beside ozone. NOX can enter into the blood resulting in serious damage to the human body.

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