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​Is ozone dangerous to animals and plants?

It is important to use ozone correctly in connection with animals and plants. JIMCO A/S has gained experience in the following fields:

Breeding of fish: Here ozone produced by means of light is added to clear the water, remove the coating on the tank and to eliminate diseases from fish, resulting in an improved feeding quotient. This would not be possible if using Corona Ozone (high-voltage ozone).

Breeding of chicken: Here ozone is added through the injection ducts resulting in sterilization of the air. The ozone also lays a protective layer on the animals, and thus minimize the danger of infection.

​Greenhouses: Light produced ozone is added in greenhouses to destroy molds and to minimize the danger of infection among the plants. However, it is important that the treatment is made in hours with daylight as the photosynthesis affect the use of ozone. Also, ozone is added to the water to avoid that molds are spread through the irrigation system.

Therefore we must point out, that ozone is not harmful to animals and plants when used correctly, on the contrary


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