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​Why is surface disinfection with the JIMCO FLO-D technology safer than using chemical disinfection?

​JIMCO’s FLO-D Technology is based on UV-C produced Ozone, which is the natures own way to disinfect biofilm, mold, fungus etc. The combination of UV-C and Ozone leaves no harmful residues and does not make any corrosions on the process equipment and the surroundings.

The fact that Ozone is a perfect trouble-shooter for killing all organic materials including humans, means that ozone needs to be used carefully. The safety of the equipment is the highest priority for JIMCO and has a lot of features included that nothing will result in any harm for humans. Furthermore “Ozone” means smell in Greek, so no matter what, you will always register an ozone treatment and leave the room.

The fact that the normal chemical disinfection with for example Chlorine and Peroxid is way more dangerous for humans and the surroundings. It is well-known that these chemicals are carcinogenic and do not give any good for humans. Besides, normal disinfection routines still include these chemicals and some employee should spray chemicals everywhere in the processing area. With JIMCO’s technology, there will be no manpower included in that process, so no humans will be affected.


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