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JIMCO A/S International Partner Conference 2018​

The three-day event in Rudkøbing was well attended with lecturers and informative speakers taking part in the conference days. The conference started on Tuesday 2nd October 2018 in the morning with the company’s CEO’s speech and followed by more lectures, speeches, and workshops.

The next day was also kicked off like the first day and included different lectures, then the partners who had the highest sales were rewarded, and the day continued with cultural activities.

The last day was also filled with interesting and useful lectures, after summing up the last 2 days and a brief Q&A session, the conference was over. Rest of the day was spent on networking and celebrating JIMCO A/S 25th anniversary.

As well as the instructional/educational part of the conference, partners were able to network and socialize at the coffee and lunch breaks as well hanging out for dinner in the evening at the hotel.

A big thank you to all partners who attended “JIMCO A/S International Partner Conference 2018” and JIMCO A/S 25th anniversary.

Also thanks to the lecturers and guest lecturers that fascinated us by their interesting presentations and speeches.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the conference and we look forward to seeing them all at the next conference.


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