Jimco Gets Exclusive Rights to Disinfectant Solution

Jimco A/S has just received a patent for their UV-C based disinfection system that disinfects all surfaces and production areas in the food industry without the use of chemicals.
Jimco A/S has just been granted a patent on the disinfection system FLO-D, which uses UV-C based technology for disinfection of surfaces and complete production areas. As a result of the new patent, Jimco are now the only company in the world that can offer this invention to the food industry.

We are very pleased to have received the patent, which covers all management and security regarding technology for FLO-D, and we look forward to showcase the system to both current and potential customers at this autumn’s large industrial fairs, says Jimmy K. Larsen, CEO at Jimco A/S.

Jimco A/S products stand out, as they do not make use of chemicals and thus are very environmentally friendly. The technology is one reason why the company has been awarded with one of the European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE).


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