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Mission and Vision​


To increase the awareness of environmentally friendly solutions and to accelerate their implementation thus striving to make the world chemical-free without compromising the result.

We at JIMCO A/S use the forces of nature to re-create an environmentally friendly chemical-free process for air purification, water purification and surface disinfection which is applicable in many different industries.

We fight VOC’s, bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast, food waste, chemicals, fire risk, bad odor through our environmentally friendly solutions and our customers can achieve far better results using our products than using chemicals.



  • to make our environmentally friendly solutions available all over the world for all industries and households.

  • to educate people, governments, and authorities on the substitute solutions with better, faster and environmentally friendly results rather than chemicals.

  • to have a chemical-free world without compromising the result.


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