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How do you distinguish between ozone produced in the FLO-units and ozone that is dangerous to the nature?

Ozone is a protective gas naturally present in the atmosphere. It is naturally produced by means of the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. And exactly the wavelength of the sun that produces ozone is applied in the Jimco UV-lamps.

​​The ozone that is said to pollute the nature is in fact NOX pollution and not ozone. Is a fact that NOX disturb the measuring of ozone! The best way to explain this is: Ozone smells much more strongly and characteristic. With a content of 0,02 pp you can smell the ozone (in a working room the allowed content is 0,1 ppm which is unpleasantly high). If you have a content of ozone in the nature, which you sometimes hear about in the news, it would smell heavily outside.

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